Recent Activity

Incite Adds More Sales/technical Horse Power To Melbourne

Date 1/3/2018

It is with great pleasure Incite Fire welcomes Luke Lim to the team, in a Technical/Sales role based out of the Melbourne office.


Extra Low Voltage Exit Emergency Lighting Now Available

Date 6/2/2018

FIREscapeĀ® is a revolutionary emergency lighting system, made using fully recycled materials and able to save up to 80% in power costs though its patented energy efficent design.


Intersec 2018 - Golden Securiton products

Date 31/1/2018

Intersec 2018 held in Dubai UEA was a huge hit, with Securiton in full scale attendance, featuring a gold Securiton unit.


Welcome John Lawrence

Date 8/9/2017

John Lawrence recently joined Incite Fire to help the business keep up with the demand for Fire panels.

Johns role includes Production, Sales engineering and Technical support.


Securiton Introduction Video

Date 14/6/2017

Click here to view a short Video on Securiton ASD products.


Incite Fire - now also distributing Securiton

Date 1/5/2017

Incite Fire are pleased to announce they are now distributing the Securiton range of ASD products throughout Australia.

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