Smoke Detector Stopper

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Designed to provide maximum protection for vulnerable detectors while not compromising their effective operation. Available in two finishes, the design adopts a sophisticated matrix of perforations that provides access for smoke to the detector while providing a protective shield against vandalism or misuse.
* Aesthetic appearance with the choice of stainless steel or coated cold rolled steel finish
* Protects against vandalism or misuse
* Easy installation and removal for servicing detectors
* Available for flush or surface mounted products
* Perforations allow the detectors to be fully operational
* STI 8200-SS & STI 8230-SS, manufactured from heavy duty
* 18 gauge (1.2mm) stainless steel – ideal for applications where food is present
* STI 8200-W & STI 8230-W, manufactured from 16 gauge
* (1.5mm) cold rolled steel with a white corrosion resistant polyester coating
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