Syncro Matrix-CP-S4 Matrix CP Mimic panel in S cabinet ( Max 72 zones)



The Syncro Matrix system uses flexible, fibre optic light guides to illuminate areas on a floor plan, laid over a high resolution grid. This unique system dispenses completely with wiring and enables indicators to be moved, removed or added on site without the need for any wiring.
* Up to 504 LED's can be controlled from any Syncro or Syncro AS panel
* Full colour printing
* Available in a range of standard enclosures to suit any applications
* Bespoke sized units can be made upon request
* Choice of Red, Green or Yellow LED's
* Available with or without controls
* Same look and feel as Syncro range
* Syncro Matrix can easily be upgraded on site with minimal cost and effort
* Configured via standard Loop Explorer Software
Click on the links below to download the following attachments:
SYNCRO-MATRIX-CP-S4 Data Sheet.pdf
SYNCRO-MATRIX-CP-S4 Operator and Maintenance Manual.pdf
SYNCRO-MATRIX-CP-S4 Operator Manual.pdf
SYNCRO-MATRIX-CP-S4 Product Manual.pdf