RSM-Module -Wireless Powered Output Module



A Wireless Powered Output Module which allows the control panel to activate/switch the circuits of an external device or system wirelessly via an RSM-CIM-AS, RSM-EXP-AS or RSM-WTM-AS.
* The unit's contacts can be configured to be normally open or normally closed and switch at 30 VDC/125 VAC at 2 A. The unit can be configured to provide either a 12 VDC or a 24 VDC output.
* Contacts can be configured as N/O or N/C
* Selectable output – 12 VDC or 24 VDC
* Bi-directional wireless communication
* Self optimising wireless amplitude and frequency
* Automatic wireless channel hopping
* Fully intelligent
* High reliability and sensitivity
* Flexible on site device adjustment
* Makes additions to existing wired systems easy and cost effective
* RSM-POM-AS Approved to AS4428.9-2006, EN54-18