Cloud Servers LOOP1 LOOP2 LOOP3 -LOOP8 (if fitted) LOOP1 LOOP2 LOOP3 -LOOP8 (if fitted) Email ERROR POWER ACTIVE INPUTS1 -8 FIREPANEL RS232 INPUTS9 -16 PSUFAULT EXPB MISC USB BMS INTERFACE PC PORT +- Ethernetports toLAN& congurationPC USB Input GPIO GPIO Future expansion Status LED’s Powersupply monitoring Addressable repanel connections Modbus F I REbeam Highly Integrated Configurable System • Network up to 128 panels and Taktis Vision repeaters. • Ockular colour graphics system. • VR Nimbus cloud based reporting. • Vizulinx - Email, SMS, BMS reporting. • Flexible touch screen functionality - soft keys, logos, colour and lay out. • Network options: Fibre - Fibre, Fibre - Copper, Copper - Copper. TAKTIS VR Nimbus Wireless Connectivity Ockular Firebeam Connectivity Touch Screen Technology TS1 panel for up to 4 loops TS2 panel for up to 8 loops TS3 panel for up to 16 loops I/OCards Media Gateway Fibre Network GSM IPDial-Up Taktis Vision Connectivity Vizulinx ASD Connectivity (2-16 Loop TAKTIS Pan el)