Eblast - TAKTiS Upgrade

• In 2016, NFP, Firenet and Phoenix Fire panels were issued with their End Of Life statement by the Manufacturer Kidde (UTC). • To provide an upgrade path, Incite Fire working with Hochiki Corporation & Kentec introduced the Syncro AS and Taktis Fire panels. • By utilising the Syncro AS and Taktis with an existing system, you can cost effectively change out one system to another while progressively upgrading the detectors, as required, to future proof the site. • Hochiki Detectors & Devices Approved and Certified with Taktis and Syncro Panels. 2016 FUTURE 1997 Kidde (UTC) Manufactured AS4428 Hochiki Group Manufactured AS7240 Keep your existing Hochiki Devices & Maintain Product Approvals from this to this UPGRADE TO TAKTIS