Eblast Hochiki DYNAMIC Lighting

Introduction Efficient evacuation in an emergency can be constrained by the complex nature of the buildings and the occupants within. Although emergency signage systems are widely used as a well-established means of facilitating evacuation, research demonstrates that only 38% of people ‘see’ conventional static emergency signage in simulated emergency situations. Besides, conventional signage only conveys single and passive information; therefore, they cannot be adapted to respond to developing evacuation situations and events. FIREscape’s Dynamic X and way-finding capability shall automatically determine the best path of egress based on the location identified by a buildings fire detection & alarm panel and/or other 3rd party systems. This revolutionary system has been designed to ensure that all building occupants (self help/ assisted help) are not only directed from compromised routes but are given the best possible opportunity to escape; even if they are unfamiliar with the building layout. DYNAMIC LIGHTING WAYFINDING MONITORED ADDRESSABLE EMERGENCY LIGHTING SYSTEM Results • Increase Occupant Awareness of viable/alternative routes and paths of egress • Improve responder’s situation awareness • Reduce evacuation time by enhanced decision making process • Reduced casualties