Upgrade to Taktis

Cloud Servers LOOP 1 LOOP 2 LOOP 3 -LOOP 8 (if fitted) LOOP 1 LOOP 2 LOOP 3 - LOOP 8 (if fitted) Wireless Connectivity Ockular Firebeam Connectivity TS1 panel for up to 4 loops TS2 panel for up to 8 loops TS3 panel for up to 16 loops I/O Cards Media Gateway Fibre Network GSM IP Dial-Up Taktis Vision Connectivity Vizulinx ASD Connectivity (2-16 Loop TAKTIS Pan el) xtra F I REbeam TAKTIS Touch Screen Technology UPGRADE your existing panel 1997 2016 NOW END OF LIFE TS1 panel TS2 panel TS3 panel