Hochiki Australia continues to receive inquiries from its customers about compatibility and compliance of Hochiki Australia’s AS approved Analogue Sensors and Fusion Advanced’s fire control panels.

Hochiki Australia takes this opportunity to reiterate its position, as announced on our website on 27 June 2018.

Hochiki Australia’s AS approved Analogue Sensors (excluding HRE protocol sensors and Conventional Detectors) are compatible, tested and approved for use with the following fire control panels:

• Manufacturer Kidde Australia Pty Ltd/Model: NFP1&2, Phoenix, FIRENET
• Manufacturer Kentec Electronics Ltd /Model: Syncro AS, Taktis

Hochiki Australia’s AS approved Analogue Sensors have been certified as conforming with Australian Standards when connected and used only with the compatible fire control panels listed above, as indicated in the ActivFire Certificates of Conformity for Hochiki Australia’s AS approved Analogue Sensors.* Hochiki Australia’s AS approved Analogue Sensors are not certified to Australian Standards when connected with other fire control panels, including Fusion Advanced’s fire panels.

Hochiki Australia disclaims, to the maximum extent permitted by law (and subject to any rights consumers may have under the Australian Consumer Law), responsibility for loss or damage caused by the connection or retrofitting of Fusion Advanced fire panels, or any other non-compliant fire panels, to Hochiki Australia’s fire sensors.

Hochiki Australia is aware that Fusion Advanced continues to assert that its control panels are fully compliant with Hochiki Australia’s AS approved Analogue Sensors, in purported reliance on a report published on 31 March 2017 by the British Standard Institute in the United Kingdom (BSI Report), which, Fusion Advanced alleges, certifies the compatibility of Fusion Advanced’s fire panels with Hochiki Australia’s sensors.
The BSI Report referred to by Fusion Advanced is not valid certification of the conformity of Hochiki Australia’s analogue sensors with Australian Standards when connected and used with Fusion Advanced’s panels.

The BSI Report was issued in error by BSI, and was subsequently withdrawn and superseded by a subsequent, correct report issued by BSI to Advanced Electronics Ltd, which expressly stated that it supersedes all previous issues, and which does not refer to Hochiki Australia’s AS approved Analogue Sensors. Advanced Electronics Ltd – the UK-based entity that commissioned the BSI Report and to whom the report was issued — has confirmed to Hochiki that it informed its trade partners, including Fusion Advanced, that the first issue of the BSI report is not valid and that any and all copies should be destroyed.

We have been in contact with Fusion Advanced in relation to this issue, and have no intention to issue any retraction of statements made in our publications, or any apology.

Hochiki Australia welcomes any further inquiries from concerned customers.
Yours faithfully

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