Analogue Combination Thermal Detector


The ACB-ASN incorporates both a variable temperature heat element and a rate of rise heat element, both of which are controlled from the control panel, allowing either element or both elements simultaneously to be active in making the fire decision.

* User selectable modes
* Fixed temperature & rate of rise
* Twin fire LEDs allow 360° viewing
* Electronically Addressed
* Approvals AS7240.5 Classes A1,B & C
* Colour – white

Compatible bases: YBN-R/3(WHT), YBO-BS(WHT), YBO-R/SCI(WHIT), YBO-BSB(WHT)

Click on the links below to download the following attachments:

ACB-ASN Brochure.pdf
ACB-ASN Certficate.pdf
ACB-ASN Data Sheet.pdf
ACB-ASN Instructions.pdf