Institutional Sampling Point in Stainless Steel – Type2



The institutional sample point consists of a main body, grill & dress fascia ring, all constructed from machined stainless steel.
The main body consists of 4 countersunk fixing points & the dress ring secures the grill to the main body using 2 fixing points.
The fixing screws used on both the main body & the dress ring are to be of an approved type for the use in institutional facilities.
The sample tube trunk is secured to the rear of the main body using a threaded interface that ensures a secure airtight connection.
The dress ring & grill are easily removable for maintenance purposes.
* Stainless steel main body
* Stainless steel fascia & grill
* Threaded adaptor
* Removable grill
* Vandal/Corrosion proof
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ASD-SPI-SS-TYPE2 Data Sheet.pdf