10W Uni-directional ABS Sound Projector

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The BOS-UDSP-10 is a powerful 10 W unidirectional sound projector intended for high quality speech and music reproduction in indoor and outdoor applications.The two loudspeakers facing in opposite directions are ideally suited to applications such as tunnels, long corridors and shopping arcades.
The state of the art design is matched to both modern and traditional style environments. The sound projector is suitable for use in voice alarm systems.
The sphere is splash waterproof and is suitable for outdoor use & in environments with high humidity levels such as swimming pools.
* Suitable for speech & music
* Easy to Install
* Modern unobtrusive styling
* Integrated connection cable
* Suitable for loop through cabling
* Ceiling &/or wall mounting
* Tough impact resistant enclosure
* Water & dust protected to IP65
Size: 2 x 24/0/20
Voltage Rating: 600V AC
Current Rating:7.5 Amps
Outside Dimensions: 6 x 3.5mm
Conductor Area: 0.75mm2
Conductor Gauge: 18AWG
Temperature Rating: 75°C
Roll Size: 100m
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