SIGMA XT 8 zone M3D cabinet with 1 x ECU, 5A PSU
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The Sigma XT extinguishant control panels are
designed to the
requirements of AS7240.2, AS7240.4 and AS ISO
Each extinguishant module has a comprehensive set of
inputs and
outputs and is configurable via the panels LCD display
and simple
The data bus cabling of the sigma warning signs and
remote status
units, simplifies and minimises cable requirements and
monitoring of these external devices.
* Approved to AS7240.2 & AS7240.4
* Activefire listed AFP-2516 – SIGMA
* Complies with AS ISO 14520.1
* 2,4,8 Zones
* System enabled via 003 key switch
* Configurable detection delays
* Dedicated service isolation switch
* Countdown to release in seconds
* Data bus for signs & remote units