Analogue Wall Sounder Beacon


An Addressable Loop-Powered Wall Sounder Beacon as per the CHQ-WS2 but additionally featuring an integral beacon within the horn which utilises high intensity LED technology. Special bases available: YBO-R/3(RED), YBO-R/SCI(RED), YBO-R/3(WHT) and YBO-R/SCI(WHT-SNDR).
As per CHQ-WS2 plus:
* Variable flash frequency*
* High intensity LED technology
* Independent control of sounder and beacon*
* Auto-shutdown mode available – can be set independently for sounder or beacon*
Please ensure control panel compatibility
Click on the links below to download the following attachments:
CHQ-WSB Brochure.pdf
CHQ-WSB Certificate.pdf
CHQ-WSB Data Sheet.pdf
CHQ-WSB Instructions.pdf