24 meter emergency exit – Left arrow – single (excludes base)

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An LED-based, addressable 24m viewable exit light with a flexible 'flex it' hinge solution. The exit light's hinge cup
contains the electronics and stand-by battery and allows the unit to attach to the Hochiki EL-TSB mounting base. The
cup also features a bicoloured status LED indicating charge/fault status (green for charging, red for fault), approved to
24m Emergency Exit Sign Frame, white (battery required)
24m Reflective Worm Back plate and Rivets Assy
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EL-24L-KIT FIREscape Catalogue.pdf
EL-24L-KIT FIREscape Flyer.pdf
EL-24L-KIT FIREscape Leaflet.pdf
EL-24L-KIT FIREscape System Installation Manual.pdf
EL-24L-KIT Wayfinding ELS Catalogue.pdf