Emergency Escape Light – Corridor – High Power (excludes base)

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The NF89-C-AS Corridor luminaire is an addressable processor controlled device using modern LED technology
and is equipped with a battery. It uses one conductor pair for both power and communication. The conductors are
connected to a separate round mounting base onto which the luminaire is mounted. The luminaire uses a bigger
battery than standard and needs a battery spacer NFW/BS.
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NF89-C-KIT Certificate.pdf
NF89-C-KIT Data Sheet.pdf
NF89-C-KIT FIREscape Catalogue.pdf
NF89-C-KIT FIREscape Flyer.pdf
NF89-C-KIT FIREscape Leaflet.pdf
NF89-C-KIT FIREscape System Installation Manual.pdf
NF89-C-KIT Wayfinding ELS Catalogue.pdf