QE90 Evacuation Panel
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The QE90 emergency warning & intercommunication system (EWIS)
is designed to facilitate the orderley evacuation of a building in the
event of an emergency.
The evacuation may be initiated automatically by a fire alarm system, or by a building occupant operating an emergency call point. Intergrating a flexible alarm and voice warning system with a dedicated emergency intercom system, the QE90 allows fire wardens or emergency services personnel to easily control & coordinate rapid building evacuation. QE90 meets the control * indicating equipment requirements of installation standards AS1670.4, complies with equipment standard AS2220.1, and supports the ISO 8201 T3 evacuation signal & strobe pattern.
* Choive of 10, 25. 50, 100 or 200 Watt RMS power amplifier modules. Multiple amplifiers may be allocated to individual zones for greater power
* Selection of ISO8201 or AS2220 evacuation signal
* Background music (BGM), local & non emergency paging may be directed to selected areas
* Areas covered by non emergency paging do not need to correspond to evacuation zones
* Emergency alarms & public address automatically override non emergency features
* Up to 3 (or more) WIP locations available per zone* MECP control console may be located remotely from the main equipment rack
* Multiple SECPs (and MECPs for networked systems) may be remotely located. The entire system (or selected parts of it) can be controlled from any location as determined by system programming. Customised cascade sequences available to suit individual applications
* Distributed amplifier systems available for very large or high rise applications
* Modular construction allows simple system extension or upgrade at alater date
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