SecuriHeat d-LIST Sensor Control Unit
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  • Evaluation of temperatures measured by sensor cables SEC-LSC-15-xx and/or external sensors SEC-ESD-A5-EL-xx and SEC-ESD-A5-RL-xx
  • Two sensor cable ports I / II
  • Alarm triggering via differential or integration temperature evaluation as well as via maximum temperature evaluation
  • Intelligent evaluation algorithms prevent false alarms
  • Highly durable via utilisation of maintenance-free components, RoHS compliant
  • Alarm indication on unit front via LEDs
  • Low power consumption
  • Up to 32 programmable zones from a possible of up to 255, for forwarding alarm and fault messages to superordinate systems via protocol
  • Relay outputs configurable with loop resistors for closed-circuit

Type SEC-SCU-835: Common fire alarm and common fault relay each per sensor cable port I / II
Type SEC-SCU-835 + relay board SEC-REL-835: 16 zone relays, freely programmable for fire alarms, faults or pre-signals per configured sensor cable section
Type SEC-SCU-835 + adapter plate: To mount one XLM 35, ML-SFD module or one standard FACP alarm transponder type: 808623, FDCIO22 or up to two BX-OI3