Warning Sign (Custom Face Plate)
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Choose your own red text on black back ground.
* High brightness white LED's
* Split level function – programmable
* Internal buzzer with disable
* 300W x 195H x 50D (mm)

Our new range of illuminated warning signs employ the
very latest in LED technology to provide a high reliability,
high brightness, audio/ visual warning indication unit.

The brightness of the sign remains constant over its
entire operating range of 15 to 30 volts DC due to the
unique power boost circuitry employed. This ensures
that even with a system running on depleted batteries,
all signs remain at full intensity.
A range of standard text signs are available and
customised text and languages are easily ccommodated
due to the unique method employed to apply the
lettering. The split level design allows one message to
be displayed in the top half of the sign and an additional
message to be displayed in the bottom half of the sign
allowing for two stage warnings for systems such as
extinguishing protection systems.