Addressable Loop-Powered Beacon


An addressable loop-powered beacon, with a high intensity LED and a custom designed free-form optic which produces a highly visible flash

* Loop Powered
* Single loop address via TCH-B100
* High Intensity LED technology
* 0.5/1 Hz flash frequency
* Addressable via TCH-B100
* Choice of 2 LED colours (red and white)
* Approved to EN54-23:2010 – Category ‘C’
* High efficiency
* Selectable light output*1
* Operating voltage 17-41 vdc
* PSU Powered option*1

Available as:

* CHQ-CB(WHT)-WL White housing, White LED
* CHQ-CB(WHT)-WL-15 White housing, White LED, 15m coverage
* CHQ-CB(WHT)-RL White housing, Red LED

Click on the links below to download the following attachments:

CHQ-CB(WHT)WL Certifcate.pdf
CHQ-CB(WHT)WL Data Sheet.pdf