Analogue Plant Control Module - DIN Rail
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The CHQ-PCM-DIN(SCI) is a loop powered input/output module with four independent changeover relay outputs and four monitored inputs.
The outputs feature N/O and N/C volt free contacts and can be driven separately under the control of the fire alarm panel, to be used for the control of devices such as dampers or for plant and equipment shutdown. The four inputs are provided for local fire and fault monitoring and these are fully monitored for open and short circuit, which if required, can be enabled or disabled in pairs using a two-way DIL switch.
Note:- The state of the relay contacts will be indeterminate until the unit is powered.
* Single loop address
* Loop powered
* 4 change-over relay outputs
* 4 independent inputs for monitoring of voltfree contacts
* Each input can be configured to monitor either Normally Open or Normally Closed contacts
* Both models feature an integral short-circuit isolator
* Approved by LPCB