Analogue IS Compatible Dual Zone Module-DIN Rail


Model CHQ-DZM-IS-DIN is a Dual Zone Module which is fully compatible with Hochiki's ESP analogue addressable protocol and I.S. equipment. (Din Rail)
* Single loop address
* Requires an auxiliary 24Vd.c. supply
* Supports two independent zones of Hochiki I.S. Conventional Detectors
* Both zones fully monitored for short/open-circuit
* "Smart-Fix" Housing System for flexibility
* Available as DIN-Rail version (CHQ-DZM-IS-DIN)
* Both versions available with or without integral SCI
* Monitored input
Click on the links below to download the following attachments:
CHQ-DZM-IS-DIN Data Sheet.pdf
CHQ-DZM-IS-DIN Instructions.pdf