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The EVACTRON SD series amplifier units are a range of Building
Occupant Warning System (BOWS) which provides Automatic and
Manual control of Alert and Evacuation tones. A removable SD Card
hasbeen provided with voice-over messages that interrupt the
tones with verbal instructions to the occupants during a Fire-Alarm
The SD Card also contains a library of various messages and tones
that can be suited individual customer requirements in non-alarm
conditions. 4 x external triggers have been provided. i.e. school
bell, lockdown and hazard tones, custom messages including
multilingual etc.
* Voice-over message, removable SD Card with tone and message
* Monitored Strobe Output, 2 wire reversing polarity, up to 3amps
to directly drive strobes.
* 22-30vdc power input with reverse-polarity protection.
* High efficiency, low stand-by and full-load current draw, class D
amplifiers (20-120 watt)
* Onboard LED indication for fault and function status.
* ALERT and EVACUATE tones (Evac ISO T3-default or Evac2220
selectable via DIP switch)
* 4 x external inputs, to trigger custom SD tones or messages, 2
* Test and False Alarm messages using on-board push buttons.
* Test Tone for speaker output calibration
* Alarm input with ALERT to EVAC change-over timer 0-8 minute.
* Local microphone M1 input (plug-in using EVACTRON SD1 MIC) or
terminals provided.
* Local microphone M1 output for simple looping, no balancing
transformers required.
* Balanced AUX input with 3.5mm socket for e.g. IPOD, can be
used B.G.M or testing.
* Chime feature available for both M1 and M2 if required upon
* Monitored 100v speaker output with open and short protection.
* Fault output contacts selectable N.O. or N.C. with remote
common-fault input and output.
* Fault condition after 10 minutes if no action or left in ISOLATE.
* Common 1V audio output – RCA connection to drive additional
slave amplifiers if required.
* Terminals for standard wired in 003 key-switch or selector-switch.
* IDC socket for connection to SD1 FASCIA/KEYPAD.
* Plug-in terminal connectors for easy upgrades and powering
* Full access from above for all controls and connections.