Infra Red Flame Detector Alloy Flameproof Housing
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Infra Red Flame Detector Alloy Flameproof Housing is an Explosion-
Proof Triple IR (IR3) flame detector designed for use where open
flaming fires may be expected and responds to the light emitted from
flames during combustion.
The detector discriminates between flames and other light sources by
responding only to particular optical wavelengths and flame flicker
frequencies. This enables the detector to avoid false alarms due to
such factors as flickering sunlight. Ideal for the detection of flames
from the burning of Aviation Fuels (kerosene), Butane, Grain & Feeds,
Hydrogen, Paper, Natural Gas, Petrol (gasoline) etc.
* Supports either a 'Frangible Glass' element or a 'Non-Frangible
Plastic' element
* Terminals can accommodate up to a 2.5mm square solid conductor
* Approved to EN54 part 12
* Rugged design
* ATEX classification to II 1G EEx ia IIC T4