SecuriHeat Linear Sensor Cable - Sensor Distance 4M
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SecuriHeat Linear Sensor Cable – Sensor Distance 4m

  • Complete encapsulation to protect sensors from environmental influences
  • Sensor spacing selectable to comply to project demand (1m … 10m)
  • Pinpoint sensor location via individual addresses
  • Maintenance free cable
  • Aramid fibres serve as strain relief and as reinforcement in case of fire
  • Easy mounting by use of diverse fasteners
  • Branching of cable routes via connection boxes
  • May be combined with d-LIST external sensors ESD-A5
  • Quick cable repair in case of mechanical damage
  • Up to 2 x 350 m combined cable length, respectively up to 2 x 100 sensors per sensor control unit SEC-SCU-835

Available in sensor distance:
1m SEC-LSC-15-01
2m SEC-LSC-15-02
3m SEC-LSC-15-03
4m SEC-LSC-15-04
5m SEC-LSC-15-05
10m SEC-LSC-15-10