Addressable Loop Powered Base Sounder Beacon


An Addressable Loop-Powered Base Sounder Beacon, providing 13 volume levels and 51 tones with a maximum output of up to 98 dB(A) (±2dB(A)) with low current consumption. The unit is designed to fit either the YBN-R/3 or the YBO-R/SCI* Bases.
(*From batch number 6044)
* Loop powered
* Single loop address, addressed by either Control Panel or TCH-B100
* 50 – 98dB(A) (±2dB(A)) output at 1m
* Fits Hochiki standard or isolator base and supports ESP sensors, beacons and remote indicator
* 51 User-selectable tones (all tones EN54-3 compatible)
* Beacon and sounder can be controlled independently*
Please ensure control